Yogesh Rathod has invented concept which protects and covers next generation professional network, advance to any current professional networks in world which enables instant connections with contextual users of network and communication with connected users. Its is more efficient, contextual, on-demand, low cost, time saving, real-time and faster system than current professional networks in the world.

Current Problems In Professional Network which solves by Present System


How Current Professional Networks Works

User needs to search, select, send invitations, wait for acceptance of connection request, accept invitations of other users, and manage connections
If connections not happen then user need to make payment to send message to any user of network (Need Premium Subscription)
Search and Visit Profile Page of Each selected User,
Send message to each selected profile associated user,
No status about reply (Read, No Read, Reply Expected or Not, When Reply Expected).
Need to wait for reply.
No guarantee of reply.
Charge Per Message Send
Huge Possibilities of Spam Connections and Spam Messages (User can not determine whether response expected, so lot of tries causes messages sending to irrelevant users)  

How System Works

  • Based on requirements and provider’s settings, server searches contextual users and users who may accept user’s request and respond to user
  • Select One or More Users from Search Results and click on “Connect” button to send request to said each selected users via push notifications
  • Connect based on acceptance of request
    provided subject with request enables requestee to take decision to accept or not accept connection request
    User instantly come to know whether request accepted or rejected or ignored (e.g. if no response within 30 minutes) by requestee, so no wait for when reply expected
    If request rejected then user keeps on trying by employing different keywords, filters and settings (e.g. may use payment based connection)
  • Converse Real-time or Converse as per Schedule,
    After finishing of conversation, end connecitons (No mutual connection happens) and
  • Save Conversation Locally Else Ephemeral (Remove)
    Charge after successfully establishing of connection between requestor and requestee
    Requestee enable to charge for services within application


No Connection Management require in present system (Huge saving of time and money – Monthly fix Premium Subscription Costs)
No search and select users to send them invitation to connect
No need to acceptance of invitations of other users of network
No wait for building connections
No need to manage connections (view, remove, search and send new invitations, withdraw invitations)
No Permanent or Mutual Connections

In Professional Network user can search any users of network and visits profile page of user and can send Message (premium subscription require) , but no real-time communication happen and there is no guarantee of reply or wait for reply or delay in reply.

Present system enables on-demand and real-time requirement specific contextual connections and communications
(1) Search users of network based on search query, subject, criteria, filters and settings (Ranked, Online, Offline, Payment based, Free)
(2) Select one or more users from search results and tap on “Connect” button
(3) In the event of acceptance of connection request by requestee establish connection between invitee and one or more inviters and enable both to communicate with each other
Requestee can read subject / Profile or ask payment before accepting of request or provide schedule
Connect and communicate with Contextual, Ranked, Interested and Request accepted user (Online or Scheduled)
(4) After conversation finish, both are dis-connect and sever will remove conversation after expiration of pre-set duration (ephemeral), meanwhile user can save conversation locally

Innovative Features

Search, Select, Connect Based on Acceptance of Request By Selected Users and Converse and After Finishing of Conversation, End Connections (Removes Conversation After Pre-Set Duration, Meanwhile User Is Enabled to Save Conversation)

Install Application and Register

User needs to provide only Mobile Number.
Auto verifying the OTP sent to Mobile Number

Upload & Manage Profile

User can upload already exists profile (e.g. In .PDF format) of popular professional network and can start using system instantly (within 1-2 minutes!!!). User can then update profile anytime.

Search, Select & Connect

Search any users of network based on keywords, filters and settings. Select one or more users from list of search results and Tap or Click on "Connect" button to send request to each selected user


In the event of acceptance of connection request connect both requestor and requestee and enable both to communicate with each other real-time or as per schedule

Advantages Over Current Professional Networks

No Connections Management Required
No search and select users to send them invitation to connect. No need to acceptance of invitations of other users of network. No wait for building connections. No need to manage connections (view, remove, search and send new invitations, withdraw invitations). No Permanent or Mutual Connections
Since It's based on temporary need based connections and communication and after conversation ends connections with each other, It will save lot of time, money and energy of user.
Connect Only With Contextual Users of Network Who Are Ready to Respond
Connect with users who accepts user's request
Near Real-time
Due to type of system, user habits to connect and communicate real-time or near real-time
Enable Professionals to Use In-App Payment Service to Charge Requestors
Users of network can earn money by charging fees to requestors based on Pay Per Query, Pay Per Hour communication and Custom Fees Model 
Register via Mobile No., Upload Already Exist Profile and Instantly Starts Using System
Within one minute start using system
Ephemeral Messaging
After finishing of conversation, user can save conversation within pre-set duration else system removes from server and local devices of both conversed users
No Spam Connections and No Spam Messages
Since no mutual connections there is no spam.
Since user can communicate only with request accepted user, there is no spam messages.
Even if small tasks, user will use the system to solve their problem, needs and requirements
Complete Privacy (Profile, Connections, Communications)

Only connected user can view each other's profile based on permission
User can connect and communicate only with request accepted users

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